There is no better time than now to begin or transform an art practice.

Whether you're a beginner who wants to dive into painting for the first time, or an experienced artist wanting to lean to oil paint solvent free, or build a body of work and take your practice to the next level, this suite of classes is designed to grow you as an artist.

The curriculum is recorded and you can work at your own pace. There are also regularly live sessions on Zoom where you can get feedback and meet your fellow artists from around the world. Students also enjoy access to a community of events with guest speakers and studio visits.

Become obsessed. Meet your art tribe.



Workshops & Exclusive Online Art Events.

This program exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I loved that the lectures incorporated subjects beyond the kind of tutorials one can easily find on YouTube. Brooks talks about imposter syndrome, the creative process, how to be an artist, spontaneity vs. planning, etc.--all crucial topics. The lectures also covered how to make a painting from start to finish, something that is hard to find elsewhere. Last year, when I was trying to teach myself how to oil paint, it was frustrating that I had to cobble the information together from so many sources (various YouTube videos and library books that could be contradictory or would assume some level of knowledge) - but this course is everything all in one place. I also loved how the lectures incorporated the instructor’s and other artists' work, sometimes exposing me to artists I had never seen before. Besides the lectures, the weekly live critique sessions were really beyond my expectations. I felt a real sense of community and sharing and a connection to the "real" art world which included videos shared of exhibitions, fairs, and studio visits. It was quite amazing to have all of that available and to be able to chat with fellow artists, some of whom are exhibiting ("real") artists.

-Kara C. Olympia, WA

I knew that I was signing up to learn oil painting technique, but really had no idea I would be getting so much more. Besides being a phenomenal artist, Kimberly knows how to teach! She is a warm, funny, and gregarious person who draws you in and makes you feel welcome. She has created an environment that encourages students to be so supportive of one another. I really value her critiques, suggestions, and insider tips. She has a seemingly endless supply of examples of contemporary and traditional artists in her head to draw upon at a moment's notice. The course material is presented logically and thoroughly, and is peppered with videos, studio visits, and images that lend interest and context to the lectures. The assignments are interesting and challenging. I feel so lucky to have found this course.

- Carrie Markley., Sculptor

Most importantly I learned that on-line education works for painting. I was skeptical after taking years of in-person classes, and I was happy to discover that it truly works (and one could argue better than in-person for various reasons I don't have the time to itemize). Especially during the CV19 pandemic, taking this course was a blessing for me and my practice. I am an intermediate level painter. I have been focused on painting for the last 3 years. This sprung forth from a 30 plus year hiatus following a dozen years of sporadically painting in my youth.

- Eric S. Artist, Former CEO

I’ve been painting in oils for 20 years; have an MFA in painting; and am a professor teaching various 2D media–including oil painting. I was taught oil painting in undergraduate and graduate school.

Most of my oil painting education comes through personal experience with oils, oil-based mediums, and related media such as One Shot Enamels. I sought out the program by Kimberly Brooks because it’s the first time I’ve encountered anyone teaching oil painting in a virtually toxin-free way.

As a teacher/mentor, Kimberly is warm, hilarious, incisive, inclusive, and enthusiastic about her material, painting, art history, and the contemporary art world. She has influenced me to reclaim my fearlessness. Learning about the history of paint in immense detail was riveting and eye opening.

- Amy S., Michigan

As a mixed media artist I am more familiar with drawing materials and a beginner in the medium of oil paint.

Kimberly’s unique online course has been more impactful to me than any class I’ve taken in person. She makes you feel like you are right at the heart of the art world, in dialogue with both contemporary painters and the ever present old masters. Although her course is rich with technical insights, Kimberly doesn’t deliver this information in isolation of artistic and compositional considerations. Refreshingly she merges both dynamics with the engaging imagery of a storyteller.

It was easy to forget that Kimberly was practically on the opposite side of the world from me. She has a warm personality and makes you feel that you’ve been talking about art together for years. She is filled with an energy and enthusiasm for creativity that is as infectious as her enquiring mind. You’ll also be delighted by her sense of humour and with.

- Alison B., Sydney, Australia

I have been painting for 20 years and have taught painting at the university level for 11 years. In this program, Kimberly gave an overview of every aspect of the creative process and introduced the materials and practice of painting in a way that has forever changed my approach. Kimberly’s course is accessible for beginners and also challenging for advanced painters. She is a very generous instructor who is invested in her students’ success and I would highly recommend this course.

My studio is now set up in a way where I have all kinds of options and materials to work with; there is no pressure to execute one perfect painting at a time and I feel much more free to create and explore. Kimberly is an expert who is dedicated to the creative pursuit and when presenting information she does so in a way that is easy to understand and motivates the student to learn more about the topic through experimentation and practice. It also helps that she has a sneaky and excellent sense of humor.

- Jerrin W., Utah

Kimberly Brooks is both an incredible painter and painting instructor. During each class, I thoroughly enjoy her perspective, stories about her own past, and enthusiastic love of the craft.

She is so generous with her knowledge about the materials. She is able to breakdown the palettes from our favorite historical painters and easily connect the dots to create our own masterpieces.

I also really appreciate her knowledge of other contemporary artists, and the art industry at large. Through her live-streamed studio visits and own experiences, she shares insight on how to stand out in a crowded field. I feel like my knowledge about the contemporary art scene went from 0-60 throughout the course.

What I found most important was her information on safe practices and encouragement to remove toxins from oil painting. Like her, I often felt very sick after painting which made me give it up many times. By following her instructions and recommendations, I no longer use any toxic solvents and I can now spend the time needed to find my flow.

Taking her course is not just a flash-in-the-pan experience. It is joining a network of other artists both locally and globally. It makes you look at your work objectively while having the encouragement of a coach on your sidelines.

- Abbey G., Los Angeles

A defining moment of my childhood was reading the classic book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. It taught me how to draw by teaching me how to see. Objects became lines instead of what the mind’s logic was telling me. After reading it I couldn’t stop drawing.

This class is the equivalent for the elusive art of oil painting. I learned to “see” paintings. To see in forms instead of just lines. To see in three dimensions. To see in layers. Most importantly, I began to see my own potential as a painter if I continued the journey. That is something money can rarely buy.

- Anne, H., Los Angeles

Kimberly’s lessons on the architecture of a painting has forever changed the way I work, think about and view works of art. I have been painting 8-10 years and from this class I have learned so much practical information that I can actually use. My experience of NYC art schools is really that you are on your own to figure things out.

I now rely less on copying my source material and more on working out larger paintings with smaller maquettes. Also, working on several paintings at the same time is crucial to allowing one’s creativity to flow. “The more you have going on the more you will learn about the civilization that exists within you” - KB. The lecture on blacks, greys, whites etc were my favorites. I learned so much about the character of paint.

- Laura, P., New York, NY



Where are the courses taught?
All courses are taught online using step by step videos, lectures and demonstrations in addition to live sessions with the artist on Zoom where you will be with other students and share works in progress.

What If I don’t have an art studio?
Solvent free painting means you don't need one. The first assignment is working with you to set up a space where you can paint regularly. All you need is a small table, access to a sink, easel or wall.

What if I don't have all the materials I need or any yet?
Not to worry, everything can be ordered online or at art stores for online pick up. The entire first week is all about setting up your space and every materials is reviewed so that you know what your options are both with price and quality and you can choose what is best for you.

Can I use acrylics instead of Oil?
For painting, regardless of what mediums you use, paintings are built layer by layer. Oil Painting Fluency and Flow is focused on oil as a medium. The masterclass is medium agnostic and more about creativity and more about building and presenting a body of work.

Can I work at my own pace?
Yes. The modules are delivered regularly and you can binge watch them or watch a few everyday. Sometimes people follow along with the class exactly, other times people exert themselves in bursts. You can watch the lectures on your computer or your phone so finding the time to access the information is never a problem.

Who is the audience for this class?
-Anyone who wants to paint at home in a studio or anywhere
-Artists from other media looking to switch to oil, solvent free.
-Writers, Scientists, Nurses, Doctors, Moms, Dads, Teenagers, Music Lovers, Humans, Everyone.

What if I'm unhappy with this course?
I would never want you to be unhappy. If you let me know within seven days of enrollment, you can have a full refund on any class.

How long are the courses and can I work at my own pace?
Each course runs for different lengths of time of the class. Oil Painting Program Fluency & Flow runs for 10 Weeks and the Masterclass is six months. You will have ample time to work at your own pace and can access to the curriculum and live sessions during the time period of the class. If you'd like continued access to the curriculum and/or live sessions, you will have the option to do so at the end of the class.

Where can I get the book Oil Painting Safe Practices: The Essential Guide ?

Any other questions?

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